“There is no real difference between work and play – it's all living.”

-Richard Branson

Hello World

I left Sint Maarten to study Computer Science at a university near Niagara Falls. I graduated in 2013 with a concentration in Intelligent Systems.

I’ve worked in the Canadian public and private sector during my co-op work terms. I’m also involved in the free and open source community, mainly with Freeseer and Software Niagara.

Schooling didn’t interfere with my education. My university years consisted of experiencing as many adventures as possible. When I had the opportunity to start something new or volunteer, I did. Especially if it was computer science related and gave me the opportunity to travel.

“I am a hybrid”

I am a hybrid addicted to two things: freedom and passion.
Lack of either drives me away, whether it’s from a project, a freelance gig or a job.

I am an eternal student of the game;
my nature for being a jack-of-all-trades allowing me to overcome any challenge put in front of me.
I might not be the perfect choice for a specific challenge, but I will always persevere.

Luck is a skill I cherish. Ambition runs through my veins.

Someday I’ll succeed, but I’m a bit busy making sure the people I care about do.